The Amala Marketplace Story

Bringing our favourite destinations to the market

Amala is a small local travel company with a big network. We are a group of intrepid travellers ourselves, who have seen, heard, felt, and tasted amazing things that we want to share with you.


For us, travel comes from a thirst for knowledge, from wanting to meet with locals, learn about cultures and see the world.  And since we’re grounded for the time being we want to continue to bring that same sense of discovery and enlightenment that we do for our guests when they journey with us.


We want to introduce you to the tastes of our favourite destinations—from rich natural wines that highlight the nature and beauty of the vineyards to delicate sakes that tempt even the most particular palates, and finally our personal favourite, Quindío, Amala’s first ever coffee bean. Our aim is to transport through the senses. The flavours tell a story of where they were planted, cultivated, and nurtured into delicious brews we can savour from the comfort of our home.


These are the types of feelings, connected and authentic,  that are the essence of Amala. Things that fuel curiosity and inspiration.

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